My interest in knives started at a young age. My father always carried a knife with him and he used it daily. He expected a lot from his knives and instilled that in me. As I got older, I became interested in handmade knives and started collecting them. That was when I met custom maker and designer, Darrel Ralph. After ordering some of his knives, I finally convinced him to let me come by his shop to pick them up. It seemed silly to pay for shipping when I lived about 30 minutes from him. Once I started doing that we became good friends. I never actually apprenticed with Darrel. I just kept asking questions and bugging him to make designs I liked. Eventually, I became tired of him saying "no" and decided to make my own knives. Darrel gave me use of his shop if I needed it. I guess you would say Darrel was my mentor.

I approach to designing knives developed during my 18 yr. career in the physical security field. During that time I had the opportunity to train and work with Police, Fire/EMT, military, the Secret Service and other agencies. What I learned showed me the potential of a knife beyond normal utility tasks. I learned how easy it was to conceal a very large knife and how much damage a very small knife good inflict. This is also when I started thinking that the knife's handle should permit multiple, secure grips and the blade should follow by being effective in those different grips.